Harry Hammersmith & the Flyovers

Welcome to the official site of Harry Hammersmith & the Flyovers. Here you will find forthcoming gigs, photos, gossip, and sample tracks.

Meet The Band

Harry Hammersmith – Guitar and vocals

Harry is a mature artiste with a mischievous side. Harry is the front man so be careful not to make eye contact with him.

Tony Talent – Lead Guitar

Gifted, gorgeous and all round good bloke.

Johnny Fingers – Keyboard

Not blessed with good looks or indeed personality but has a gift for playing the piano.

Antonio – Drums

Antonio is the rock we all rely on. His steady influence is a direct result of his Methodist upbringing.

Mickey – Trombone and vocals

A lively little character with a weakness for churches.

Raul – Sax

The girls describe Raul as sex on legs. Not good if you have seen his legs.

Paulo – Trumpet

Paulo has a big heart and even bigger lungs.

The Girls

Sandra – Vocals

Sandra is a great singer with great looks.

Josephine – Vocals

Josephine is a great singer with great looks

Anna – Vocals

Anna is a great singer with great looks.